Nehemiah was in the high position of cupbearer to the king when he learned that Jerusalem was in great affliction and reproach. He was successful in having himself appointed as governor in Judah with authority and resources to rebuild the city walls. He was a man of skill and daring, as he surveyed the walls at night to avoid detection, then assembled labor forces and supervised the building process. After the wall was completed, he took measures to increase the population of Jerusalem and to correct social, economic and religious abuses. Nehemiah was a wise and courageous man with deep piety and strong convictions, with an invincible determination to complete the tasks for which the LORD God had called him to do. The book of Nehemiah is believed to be authored by him, and most probably taken from a personal diary that he kept.

Nehemiah 1

1:1-3 Nehemiah learns the misery of Jerusalem
1:4-11 Nehemiah’s prayer for Jerusalem

Nehemiah 2

2:1-10 Nehemiah sent to Jerusalem
2:11-20 Nehemiah encourages people to rebuild walls

Nehemiah 3

3:1-32 The builders of the wall

Nehemiah 4

4:1-3 Nehemiah opposed and ridiculed
4:4-12 Nehemiah answers by prayers
4:13-23 Nehemiah arms the laborers

Nehemiah 5

5:1-5 Complaints of debt, interest, and bondage
5:6-13 The payment of interest abolished
5:14-19 Nehemiah’s example of unselfishness

Nehemiah 6

6:1-14 The plots of the adversaries
6:15-19 The wall is finished

Nehemiah 7

7:1-4 Nehemiah appoints rulers for Jerusalem
7:5-73 List of returning exiles

Nehemiah 8

8:1-12 Ezra reads and explains the Law
8:13-18 Feast of tabernacles restored

Nehemiah 9

9:1-3 The people fast and repent
9:4-38 Confession of priests and Levites

Nehemiah 10

10:1-39 Those who sealed the covenant

Nehemiah 11

11:1-36 The residents of Jerusalem

Nehemiah 12

12:1-26 Priests and Levites who went up with Zerubbabel
12:27-43 The dedication of the walls
12:44-47 The temple offices restored

Nehemiah 13

13:1-31 Nehemiah’s reforms