Solomon is the speaker in Ecclesiastes, but there is no author identified with it’s text. The thought of the book is centered on six key ideas. Three of these are negative and revolve around the problems of life: (1) All is vanity. (2) Man is limited. (3) God is hidden. The other three are positive and give the solution to life’s crisis: (1) Fear God and keep His commandments. (2)Enjoy life. (3) Use wisdom properly. Taken together, Ecclesiastes is a book to show men that they should lead godly and joyous lives, even if they live in a world of divine mysteries.

Ecclesiastes 1

1:1-11 All is vanity
1:12-18 The fruits of wisdom

Ecclesiastes 2

2:1-3 Pleasure is vain
2:4-11 Great works are vain
2:12-23 Wisdom and folly
2:24-26 Joy in labor

Ecclesiastes 3

3:1-15 A time for everything
3:16-22 God judges righteous and wicked

Ecclesiastes 4

4:1-3 Oppressions increase vanity
4:4-16 Vanity increased

Ecclesiastes 5

5:1-7 Caution against hasty vows
5:8-20 The vanity of life

Ecclesiastes 6

6:1-12 The vanity of riches

Ecclesiastes 7

7:1-29 Wisdom and goodness upheld

Ecclesiastes 8

8:1-5 Respect for rulers
8:6-17 The inequalities of life

Ecclesiastes 9

9:1-6 All things come to righteous and wicked
9:7-10 Principles for living
9:11-18 Wisdom better than strength

Ecclesiastes 10

10:1-20 Wisdom and folly

Ecclesiastes 11

11:1-8 Charity enjoined
11:9-10 Advice to the young

Ecclesiastes 12

12:1-8 Vanity and the fear of God
12:9-14 The whole duty of man