Becker Professional Theology Academy and Becker Bible Ministries, Inc.

Becker Bible Ministries, Inc. is an American NON-PROFIT 501(c) (3) legally formed, in good standing Institution. Becker Professional Theology Academy is our present school which we use to train up and ordain those qualified students to represent our ministries.

There has been a terrible law change. Though we are in very good standing with all governments that we operate within, our state government for which we are registered has decided to charge us $5000.00 per student to offer them a diploma. We believe it is to give them government control over what we teach, how we teach it, and who we teach it to. Further, we suspect that the State likes to have money coming in for all kinds of licensing’s, and they have found a new way to make money.

This is not acceptable to Becker Bible Ministries. We have taken the following steps:

1. I have moved my business and declared a new state as residency.

2. I have dissolved the Non-Profit part of our organization, which removes most government control off of us.

3. I stay committed to offering Bible Studies to Christian leaders and others that are brought to me by the LORD God.

4. If you are one of the thousands that have enrolled in some of our classes, your transcripts are preserved.

5. My prayers to the Lord have been reassuring. However, I am not certain what form these teachings will take, and maybe not even where they will be. Wherever we go, it will have to be FREE of CONTROL and allow me to teach the Word of God FREE of CHARGE.

6. Though this transition will be difficult, I recommend you follow me here on Facebook. The things I put on here, are some of the things you should learn anyway.

7. And please give me your spiritual support as much as you can. 2023 was a terrible year!

I recommend you participate as fully as you can in discussions on Facebook and stay present in these postings. Let me see you adding significant discussion and supporting the ideas of Becker Bible Ministries.

We all know the things that are indicative of these approaching Last Days. This dissolution of our Non-Profit is just one of many attacks that will be coming towards Christians and trying to disrupt the teaching of the Word of God. While we have Facebook, we will use it, and look to God to help us establish a FREE place that is not in the hands of Government Control.